Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sat-ur-day!! Hello Vacation!!

Hello Friends... Happy Saturday of Labor Day weekend...

I've no food in my fridge... cause I'm leaving on vacation tonight...<yes..doing a happy dance>!

So, I'll eat the leftovers of my dinner with my dear friend Alison from last night...(and I'll tell you more about Alison eventually...she is the most dearest person, the funniest person I know... she's made some amazing accomplishments this year...I'm so proud of her...and I'm blessed she is counted as my friend! ). But for now, I'll tell you about my day...

Wake up, watch some TV... by 9:30 I have D awake with some coffee and bacon and eggs for his breakfast.  I do some shopping (road food, see below!) and he takes the kids for a walk... then he naps and I... well, I get to enjoy the rest of my day!

Oh the injustices of life...  :)  I get to sun at the pool, read, relax and talk to a friend...partake in a community barbecue, and all around enjoy my last day on Long Island... and I was at the pool by 11:45..stayed until 4:30 ish... tried to sleep...packed the car...finished our last minute stuff here... and write this blog (cause, I doubt I'll have a Sunday post).

And Dave... got up at 9:30 with a cup of coffee and breakfast made for him... he brushed the dogs and then did the thing I hate most (vacuumed) and then went to work at 2pm (well, really 1pm, as D likes to get in a bit early!). I hope and pray he had a fantastic day/night, and then we can jump in the car with our dogs <who will be as "high as a kite"...(tribute to Nikki Minage) by then> because we can not travel any distance longer than 2 miles before I want to just tape my Sam's mouth shut.

Ok .. so to demonstrate... this is what Sam does...EVERY...DAY.. when the fire alarm goes off...

But when he gets into the car to go ... to the park/vet/grandma's.... he is just as loud and vocal. Whining, crying, moaning, all the pathetic noises he can make! I'll capture that soon, but I think the howl is enough for this!

This will be a driving night, so I'll introduce you to the amazing driving food that I've been using for years. 


Back in the day... I'd pile my old boy Max in the car... and we'd make the trek upstate just about every other weekend or so... (and sometimes with the rabbit I inherited from my sister, Velvet...Velvet is the rabbit, not my sister! lol). But Mad would put his head on my left shoulder to tell me he needed the window open (as he tended to get car sick and needed some air...hey, ask me what happened to Peter's Jets Hat!)... but if the head hit my right shoulder, that meant he wanted a twizzler, and he got one...I got one and we were both happy!

S0 yes, I've "introduced" this tradition to my new kids...but the have to be drugged to make the drive, so is this more for me than them??  Probably!

Either way, friends... I may or may not post on Sunday... but you will hear from me during our vacation. 

Happy Labor Day to all!!
Until Next Time


  1. The only bad thing about you going on vacation is I now know you are going to eat at some great places that will make my mouth water and they will not be within quick driving distance! I already have plans to go out later this month for muscles! Have a great time and I can't wait for the next post!