Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes, its ALL about CHEESE

If I were lost on a deserted island and could choose one thing to have with me…it would be cheese.  No, not just one specific kind of cheese as I don’t discriminate;  It would be all types of cheese… hard cheeses, soft cheeses, the really stinky kinds of cheeses, the creamiest of cheeses – Yes, I want them all there.  

(I say that without offending Dave, as I know he’ll always come for me…he told me so – he even put it in his wedding vows!  So at least while I’m lost, I’ll have my cheese.)

So, what happens when you go to the farmers market to get some amazing pickles? 

Well, in Emily-verse – you come back with cheese too.

I’ll get to that in a minute, but have to give a shout out to Hormans Best Pickles  … Yes, I do agree that they are the best pickles! I'm a huge fan of their Horseradish pickles…and a new fan of their Red Flannel pickles.  Try them if you get a chance! 

Ok, back to the cheese! About two years ago or so I discovered Burrata and fell in love! I mean, what's better than Fresh Mozzarella, right?  Not much, I know!  But here it is folks...Burrata is better than Fresh Mozzarella!!

What is Burrata you ask?  It's a fresh Italian cheese that is made from mozzarella and cream.  It has an outter 'shell' of solid mozzarella and inside is mozzarella bits and cream.

So, I buy some from the ravioli people (as I did promise to do a post on Burrata in my Drunkin Onion Sauce post!) with the thought to make my Zucchini Carpaccio for dinner to night and eat the Burrata with it. 

Well - lets just say that plan flew right out the window as I was driving back from the Farmers Market!

Yes, I ended up eating it for lunch!

I had a yummy salad with some of the BEST balsamic vinaigrette from Mama's put that on a plate with my Burrata...and yes, I couldn't resist drizzling the vinaigrette on the cheese as well! 

Yes, my friends - it is as delicious as it looks!  Its creamy, luxuriously thick center has such a rich and buttery* flavor and such a fresh milkiness... this cheese is absolutely decadent! 
*aptly described, as Burrata means 'buttered' in Italian!

I don't get to eat it very often...for one - its mostly sold in specialty stores like Fairway and Uncle Guisippe's - and you know I'm not allowed to go in there.  Secondly, it is on the slightly expensive side (as are most good cheeses) at about $10 each. And third, its so rich and unciously really do gain about three pounds just looking at it.

One day, when I own my very own Gourmet Cheese Shop (so then it won't matter to me at all if Dave won't let me go into my favorite stores) I will say Burrata just may be the first cheese I make sure I carry! 

So, welcome to my lunch...the only thing that would have made this any better would be an icy cold glass of a crisp Pinot Grigio and your company, of course! (However, they frown upon drinking at clue why, really...=)

And...welcome to the first of what will be probably be (too) many posts about Cheese!

Until Next Time...

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