Friday, August 31, 2012

A Monday Night Cassis Quickie

I wanted to share this now, in case you have no plans for this coming Monday... Happy Labor Day All!!

What to do on a Monday night when you want a delicious meal and at not a huge cost? 

Go to Moules Monday at Brasserie Cassis in Plainview! I'm going to tell you about our last Monday evening there - but by no means is this a full rave... that will come when I have more pictures (Yes, D.. its just another excuse to go back!)

Moules Monday - A choice of a variety of different cooking styles of Mussel Pots, Pommes Frites and either a glass of wine or a beer for $18.00.

Dave got the white wine and garlic variety....Oh so good!  The shellfish is cooked to perfection and that broth! We always save some of the baguette that you get (more on that in the full rave) just to dunk into the sauce. If I thought it was proper, I'd simply ask for a straw...but honestly, the baguette is so good I wouldn't want to give that up!

Fresh Pomme Frittes are so delicious, that Dave will also use them to dip into the broth, but I prefer the aiole that comes with it!

I, on the other hand, got a tried and true favorite of mine...Fricasee de Coquille et de Gambas "shrimp and scallops, oyster mushroom, sweet corn, potatoes and leeks with truffle sauce"
Oh, and tastes as amazing as it looks!  The scallops are so tender, the shrimp cooked so perfectly, but its the corn, potatoes and sauce that enrich the dish and give it a depth of flavor that is amazing!

We always end our meals at Cassis with the baby Madeleine's with the marscapone whipped cream and caramel* sauce!  Like I said...more pics to follow in the full rave...this is just a mini Monday rave!

*Pet Peeve... I hate when people say 'car-mel' for this word.. (and yes, I fully know Webster's condones both pronunciations, but this isn't Webster's...and in the world of Em - there is only ONE way to pronounce this word!) This word is "Car-a-mel"... there is an additional A in there for a reason.   'nuff said.

Well friends, D and I are off to some well needed vacation time in upstate; Keuka Lake, here we come!  You know what that means in terms of the blog, right?  Grilling meals, BBQ tips, 'smores galore, mountain pies and oh, so much more!  Stay tuned!

Until Next Time...

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