Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cottages, Lakes and Grapes, Oh My!

Happy Vacation to US!  While I know these won’t get posted until Dave and I get home from vacation (no internet at the cottage!), I’m still writing, reviewing, pondering and having food fun while we’re away.  I mean, can there be any better place to blog than this???

Where am I?

Hammondsport, NY – on Keuka Lake.  It’s just at the “Coolest Small Town in America”… I’m not kidding… while my family has known this for well over 40 years, when Grandma and Grandpa bought the cottage… and I’ve known it for over 30 years… now it’s legit cause Budget Travel Magazine said so for 2012…

This is Cozy Cottage… (Yes, most cottages on the lake get names from their owners!) It’s a cute three bedroom, one bathroom place that my family has called home each summer. 

 and this is Keuka Lake! I usually call it ‘my Grandma’s lake’… it’s the Y shaped lake in the finger lakes region of New York – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!

Jealous yet?  =)

 Dave and I got up here about 5am on Sunday morning…Waking up to a breakfast of Mom made Camp Eggs (will make for you soon!) and taking the kids down to the water and had a full day of play and fun (those pictures to follow at some point!).  Headed into town that afternoon to buy some supplies and had Dinner with Mom.  Hi Mom!

She made sauce, meatballs and sausage with spaghetti and garlic bread perfect Sunday dinner for us before we had an early night due to sheer exhaustion.

Labor Day morning, up at 7am so we could hit the Windmill as early as possible to avoid crowds.  The Windmill is a large crafts fair type of place; it started many years ago with mostly Mennonite farmers selling crafts, wares, baked goods and the like.  It grew to add many other vendors, a flea market area and little quaint storefronts.  Just up Dave’s alley when it comes to shopping! It was a nice morning of walking around, but the Windmill has changed a lot since the last time I was there (oh, about ten years ago)… it’s very commercial now, not so much hand crafted things, only two stalls of baked goods… eh, I don’t see myself going back. 

 Except for maybe the farmers market area…the local produce – yum!  We picked up some fresh NY corn for dinner, but the highlight of that trip… the Juniper Grapes (ever hear of Juniper Grapes?  Me neither!)

We walked by a stand that was just filled with all different kinds of grapes, and after tasting 4 of them, and really wanting to get back to the lake, Dave and I decided to get the Juniper grape. One bite into this grape was an explosion of flavor in your mouth, a sweet splash of juice that honestly tastes like a mildly sweet dessert wine, with out the alcohol.  Ever walk into a winery and have that sweet grape smell?  This is exactly what these grapes smell and taste like… Nothing compared to the grapes you get in a grocery store, absolutely zero comparison! The only ‘down’ side to these grapes are the seeds, but honestly – I got over that really quickly in order to get more of that luscious flavor into my mouth!  Plus, the seeds are great for spitting at Dave on the dock!  We did taste the Concord grape and while that was delicious, for me, they were simply way too sweet.  It honestly tasted like putting a spoon full of grape jelly in your mouth.  Way too gluttonous…  ;)

 Off to swim for a bit – We’re cooking tonight.  That’ll be the next post!

Until Next Time...

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