Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Keuka Grill Night

Pop quiz…(other than corn and grapes) can you name a staple of cuisine in upstate New York? 

Salt Potatoes!

We decided that for our first meal, we’d let Dave have his red meat, so long as it was accompanied with fresh corn and salt potatoes.  So my friends, here goes our first cook out at the lake! Dave got two beautiful looking sirloin steaks at the market...


 I seasoned the steak on both sides with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Dave prepared the Weber charcoal grill and did the man thing and grilled with an ice-cold beer. Looking good, babe!

Meanwhile, inside…I start the water boiling! The salt potatoes required a full pot of water mixed with all the salt that comes in the package…

Bring that to a rolling boil, add the potatoes and cook for 20 minutes, until tender and cooked through. After draining the potatoes, I put them back in their pot, with some butter and tossed. 

After Dave and I shucked the corn, I added it to a pot of cold water and brought it to a light boil.  Once boiling, I turned off the water and put a lid on the pot until we were ready to serve…perfectly cooked!

So here is the full meal…please note, my Hungry Husband took all the medium rare pieces of steak at this point, leaving the more well pieces for Mom and I (which was perfectly OK with me!)


A perfect dinner after sun, swimming and dock time!  The steak was so very nice and tender...seasoned perfectly, if I do say so myself, and full of flavor. The potatoes, a nice salty crust gives a nice bite but the fluffy white goodness inside was amazingly delicious.  The corn, Butter and Sugar corn...sweet and crunchy, friends, there is nothing like fresh upstate corn!

Dessert was some apple-caramel-pecan pie – and while I’d wanted to make ‘smores, I was way too tired! 

Until Next Time…

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