Saturday, March 16, 2013

Calamari & Quartet

Hello Friends!!  I had a lovely dinner with friends and saw a great movie...  I'll tell you about both! 

I met friends in Huntington a few weeks ago (and yes, I've been too busy to blog about it sooner!)... at  Black and Blue... to have dinner before some of us went to a book signing and the rest of us went to a movie.

I've never been to Black and Blue... but have known about it for a is close to a dear place in my heart... Cassis.  I was super excited to eat here, having past by it several times on our way to Cassis.

Well, we were sat and our waiter introduced himself to us - Rocco... and was such a help.  I asked complicated questions...others in my party asked simple questions...but I will have to say that during our entire meal, our server was there...knowledgeable and offering suggestions during our ordering process.

If I was being picky... and we all know I can be... my only 'complaint' was after our main meal was served...he never came by to say "hey, how's it going"... as one of our party ordered a meat dish (that came with asparagus and potatoes...and she asked for double asparagus/no potatoes...and got three ... yes three stalks of asparagus on her plate... and we had no one to complain to as our waiter didn't come and check on us...)

Well.. I will tell you about what I tasted...

For my appetizer I ordered (on my servers recommendation) the Sweet Thai Chili Calamari...
I loved was perfectly cooked, the flavor was amazing..served in the chili sauce with peanuts... If I had any 'negative' comment about it... I would have liked it more spicy... but other wise - a lovely appetizer!

and two at our table ordered the Gorgonzola fondue with filet mignon and bread... and YES, I did have a taste...
What a tasty appetizer... and while the menu said it was great for two, this portion would be a good app for four, for sure!  They were able to cook the meat to order...1/2 was medium well and 1/2 as medium rare to accommodate everyone...the fondue was not at all strong in the Gorgonzola flavor...but just perfect... and if I could say a fondue was "light"... this one was.  Delicious!!

For my Entree... I got a Cajun Lobster pasta dish, with sun dried tomatoes and artichokes.  Oh My God... Delicious!!

This dish had just the right amount of spice to it, a tangy-sweet-tart bite to it with the sun dried tomatoes and a creamy sauce that was just the right combination ...It was really hard to put my fork down when I was full... I did bring my left overs home - but <sigh> I ended up eating them for dessert!

So - my ratings:
Food: a very hearty B

Price:  Steak house prices... So I'm going with Expensive on this one... $30 plus or minus on the entrees... but - for a special occasion, worth the effort!  

Service: B+ ... We were served promptly and efficiently.  Our server was (other than one instance) amazing and I'd ask for him again.  

Now...on to a brief bit about the movie... If you get a chance to see Quartet...SEE IT!!  All I knew about the movie was Dustin Hoffman directed it...and Maggie Smith was in it.  That was enough for me to say - hey...lets go!  So a friend of mine and I did after dinner.  I will keep this simple, as I'm not a movie critic... but the best thing I can say is:  Most any movie I go to with this particular friend...ends up being nap time.  However in this case...she stayed awake for the entire movie!  It was light, but heavy at the same time - but the humor and the story warms the heart completely. 

On my (and my friends no sleeping during this movie) recommendation... My Mom went to see it recently and called me to Thank Me for telling her it was a MUST SEE.

Go See it.  NOW.  You'll not regret it!!

Ok Friends... I'm so late on this blog (you have no idea!) but I have a few others up my sleeve...and I'll be posting them this weekend....  Dave and I are headed for Vermont for a few days of well needed rest and relaxation...  Not even the Kids would be with us!! 

xoxo as Sam, Lilah, Sage and Sophia will  get Grandma to watch them!!

Until Next Time...

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