Monday, March 18, 2013

What Season is this??

Why, it's Seasons 52, of course!
Hello Friends! I wanted to tell you about a dinner I had with some of my friends from work recently!  I write this from Dave and my mini vacation in West Dover, VT ... (at the base of Mt. Snow).  We're hunkering down by a roaring fire...
Dave is currently napping...and waiting on the snow storm they're predicting for tonight into tomorrow... 16" - give or take... Woo Hoo!!
But - a few weeks ago, I experienced Seasons 52 in Garden City.  They believe in seasonal, fresh flavors and living well - which is why EVERYTHING on the menu is 475 calories or less. 
And NO, this doesn't mean they skimp on portion size - Its a good, hearty, healthy portion and just delicious!  I'm going to tell you about what I ate...
As my natural indecisive nature (when it comes to choosing food!) popped into play as I read the large menu, I decided to have a few appetizers, rather than locking myself into one entree.  I am very, very glad I did!  I started my meal out with this luscious looking dish:

These are the shrimp and crab stuffed mushrooms...served with a Parmesan and panko topping.  Looks like escargot, right??  These perfect little bites of sea flavor were one of the most delicious stuffed mushrooms I've ever had.  Seriously, it seemed like there was a small shrimp and a lump of crab in every bite!  Very little filler, other than the crispy Panko that gave just the right texture balance to the soft, supple mushroom.  I will have this again, and not be ashamed that I've ordered it twice in a row!!
Next I had (a special for the week we were there) Lobster Spring Rolls with three dipping sauces.
Now, let me quickly tell you the 52 in the name is a nod to the fact that each of the 52 weeks of the year, the chef will have different seasonal specials to compliment the seasonal menu.  So while I had these spring rolls, they may not be available when you go....  I will say... They were tasty, fresh and with plenty of lobster - however, they were not my favorite dish of the night.  There was something in the texture I wasn't thrilled with and honestly, I wouldn't order them again. 
My third and final appetizer (and yes, portions were big enough I took about 1/2 of everything home with me!) 

This is one of their flat breads - and one that is right up my alley!  Artichoke Hearts, goat cheese, spinach, balsamic caramelized onions and red pepper.  Oh. My. Goodness.  A meal in itself, these are some of my favorite flavors to put together.  The flat bread is exactly that...not doughy...light and crisp...Perfect!
I did have a chance to taste two dishes that friends of mine ordered... below is the Double Hummus and Crisp sea salt Lavosh... These two hummus flavors were amazing!  One was roasted red pepper...such flavor!  The other was minted edamame ... really, I'm not kidding.  It was delic!! I am going to try to make them at home... that is how delicious it was!!

The last dish I tried was actually some one's side dish from the weekly specials - spinach stuffed mushrooms.  So simple, but so flavorful... really a great side to any dish on the menu!

Now... desserts.  They serve them in single servings - shot glass size, which for me (as we all know I'm not a big dessert girl) was perfect!  I had the Key Lime Pie - though I almost went for the Pecan Pie... each little glass was 275 calories!  The Key Lime was just the right amount of tart, a hint of sweetness and lots of graham cracker crust...who doesn't like graham cracker crust?!

Notice there isn't a picture of that...I ate it way too quickly to remember to take a photo...I will next time!

We all know I'm not a calorie counter...I'm a flavor seeker.  This restaurant has dishes with plenty of flavor!  While this isn't a full review - it is a full recommendation.  Go - enjoy - I know I will again - and I'll bring Dave with me!

Until Next Time...

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