Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm so usually level headed....

But oops... maybe not tonight!

I was driving out of my development tonight and nearly collided with a delivery person...  I texted my friend who got the delivery so I would know where it came from...  I'm usually very forgiving, but this kid nearly hit me... roaring in and out of the development with out care of the posted speed limits <and certainly not with care of other drivers on the road> I'm a bit ticked by it.

I called to speak to a manager...  I was totally brushed off.  In a way that infuriated me... 'Oh, I'm sorry, but it was OK - you didn't get hit...'  Um.. OK - I didn't get hit, but no mention of how irresponsible this driver was???  I got a bit ticked and decided that I will go to websites like Yahoo...Yelp and review... (and will do to any other web site that I can leave a review) because I will say - I'm not looking for anything...just to point out that these teenager delivery kids need to be careful on a delivery... and trust me... I've had them deliver with no issue and have over tipped these kids... HOWEVER... when I called tonight - and asked for the manager... this John brushed me off completely.  His entire attitude was 'seriously, you didn't get hit, so why are you calling?"

Tough for me... as food quality is just as important as customer service... and this John  FAILED completely at customer service.  A simple.. OK, I'll talk to my delivery guys would have sufficed... but he felt the need to try and make ME think I was in the wrong. SERIOUSLY? I did express to John that because of HIS attitude (not even the delivery guy) I will not be ordering from Marinos... (and I do via work and personally as I live in Amityville)..

If I were reviewing "food" only... I'd give 4 stars...they have great specials and their food is really good... However... I have to throw customer service into my review...

And I've just had a delivery experience - and Manager experience - that makes me think 2 stars are more than plenty... frankly - 1 is generous.

my yelp review... "I order from Marinos a lot...through work and personal...and love the food.. but tonight, a neighbor ordered for delivery...and I nearly got my car hit by the delivery person - roaring in and out of the development like speed limits and speed bumps were not a concern.... My car certainly was not.  I called the store and spoke to the manager John who was so flip and not concerned... He totally turned me off from Marinos.  No "I'm sorry" (which was all I was looking for) no acknowledgement of a wrong doing... just ... eh.. OK. Kids will be kids.

I'm sorry to miss Marions food... but their customer service lacks so much that I will go to another pizza place who I know takes their customer service seriously. Had the Manger John even just said "I'm sorry" .. there would have been no issue... But he felt the need to defend his delivery person... and OK.. but had I been hit.. The delivery guy, and the store would have been liable.  John didn't think so... maybe he needs to brush up on law.. but either way, he wanted me to think that wasn't true.  OK. What ever.  I know better...but regardless - the employee was wrong... the manager was completely wrong and apparently Marions doesn't care.

Check out my blog... I'm spreading it around with this horrible service so that no one else nearly gets in an accident for an errant delivery person...

Until Next Time...
EAT... (but NOT at Marinos)

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