Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!

Hello Friends!!!

Happy Valentines Day to all!  I have so much to say..l but first...

XOXOXO to my most amazing Husband for sending me flowers today... I love them..I love you.. Thank you!!
Now - let me tell you, its Valentine's day - and I never get my husband on a holiday - but I am lucky enough that my good friend asked me to join her and her friends for a tradition...

Valentines Day at White Castle.

Ah.. heard me...

Valentines Day... at White Castle!!

Drive past it - weeks before and you'll see the signs to "make you're reservation"...

They aren't kidding...

Make a reservation...

when you get there - you are seated by a hostess.. (Mary was our wonderful Lady of the Evening - and she was amazing!!)

They decorate!
Our Group... three tables long!
You are given a menu (granted, it is a WC menu...but none the less..)
The menu

Nothing you couldn't order from the regular menu.. just
jazzed up a bit for the holiday!


Your table is covered by a table cloth, and set with your reservation name... The whole restaurant is decorated and each table setting is changed and made fresh for the next guest.

Your waitress (Yes... a waitress) takes your order, from the regular menu of White Castle...and brings it to you.  And you can bring 'additions'... wine, desserts, what ever!

Go - Have fun with it!! 

The group I went with had desserts, wine and we all had a fun time!!
a slider mask... I brought it home with me!!

My Dinner.3 cheese burgers and Onion Rings... I ate 2 of them ...each! lol

Building a WC 'house of cards' ... Fantastic!!

Fantastic little Cupcakes for dessert..

Along with amazing Chocolate Covered Strawberries... My Favorite!!!
The setting...
The Group!
My New mask!!  I LOVE IT!!!  =) Though I wish there
was a slice of cheese on it!!

Until Next Time...


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  1. How cute-who knew White Castle got so mushy over Valentines Day-looks like a ton of fun!