Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brunch at a Favorite

Hello friends!  Sorry for being missing in action for a bit...but here I am!  How are you doing? 
I want to start out by saying that I hope and pray that anyone who has been touched by Hurricane Sandy is regrouping, recovering, rebuilding and staying strong. 
Dave and I were very lucky - we had two days of no power, but that's about it.  Those are the times I appreciate living next door to a fire department!  (Of course - when Sammy is commiserating with the fire whistle - I wish I were far from that noise!)  Some of my family is in the throws of dealing with water damage in their houses, but all in all - we were all very lucky and very blessed not to have more severe damage. 
So Sunday comes around and after a long and trying week - Dave and I decide to go to
Brasserie Cassis for Brunch.  You remember Cassis from Moules Monday, right?  Well, this still isn't a full review...because I need a nice night out and several people with me to sample dishes... but I just wanted to share one of our favorite Brunch spots! 

Classic French Bistro style, Cassis takes you to our own little Paris in Plainview!  We started out our brunch sharing a fantastic and classic "La Soupe a L'Oignon" French Onion Soup!
Golden and bubbly Gruyere cheese covering a flavorful, beefy, sweet broth and the most tender caramelized onions and slightly softened crusty bread...Simply delicious.  An elegant yet pheasant style soup that is just so perfect to start off a lovely meal!

Dave's carnivore!  He ordered the "Sandwich Bouchere"... on a crusty bread - wonderfully delicious sliced steak, frisee lettuce with caramelized onions and melted Gruyere cheese... I mean, look at this thing! 

The meat is so tender and flavorful, added to the sweetness of the onions and the tang of the cheese... this sandwich is an amazing blend of flavors. Added to that, amazing french fries with an herbed mayo to dunk them it - Classic Bistro Food, man...Oh so good!

Now - on to my dish... again a very classic french dish (yes, I know I'm repeating that, but I mean...its a French Restaurant!)... One I've eaten in Paris before... "Crepe Jambon et Fromage" .. a Ham and Cheese Crepe. 

The Crepe is amazingly light and the mix of the ham and cheese is, of course a classic flavor...I usually top it with their home made Dijon mustard and take a bite...Party in my mouth!

We were so full after that delightful Brunch, that we didn't even order our usual dessert of the baby Madeline's! That has to say something to the amazing flavors and the quality (and size) of the meal!

I do promise...soon I will do a full on review ... this place warrants it!

Until Next Time...

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