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I will preface this by saying...this is by no means a 'review'... (that will come later, when I have more people who want to come with me so we can try many more dishes! - accepting volunteers now...!!) hence this being (oddly for me) pictureless because I wanted to just sit back and savor the meal and not have to remember my camera!

So this Pictureless-Non-Review is simply a post of complete excitement as one of my favorite restaurants is Opening again!

Vero - Cibo - Vino - Liquori Bar (clicky, clicky) in Amityville, NY

I was a regular guest at Vero when they opened in November of 2010...even celebrating with friends New Years Eve to a delicious meal in an amazing atmosphere. 

Unfortunately Vero has been closed for renovations after a fire -but friends...November 1 they are officially open for business!

(I actually herd angles singing in my head when I got that news...as it had been way too long since I had the amazing Cesare alla Griglia (grilled ceasar salad), the Caponata Siciliana (eggplant) or the utterly delicious Lamb Lollipops - which were some of my favorites during previous visits)

I am thrilled to say that last night, Dave and I were able to go to Vero on their first soft opening night to enjoy a much anticipated-absolutely-delicious-can't-wait-to-go-back-again-meal!

There were four of us having dinner, which actually started out with a cocktail at the bar.  With a well thought out wine list, a large and unique beer list as well as a plethora of unique cocktails - how does one choose?? 

I stuck to a lovely Cabernet (as my motto is when you don't know what to choose - drink Cab!) and Dave beer - a really dark, creamy, hint of coffee/chocolate-esque Porter... Elena a cocktail from the menu, which she absolutely enjoyed (I wasn't around to hear what it was but looked luscious) and Andy a different kind of beer (again, wasn't around to hear what it was, but he drank it the rest of night, so he must have liked it!).  

I mention cocktails and beer now (as we all know I'm a wino) because while the wine list is fantastic - the beer menu and the specialty cocktails are worth a look (or two!) ... and a try!  Some very unique beverages for you to test out...And when I do a full on review - I won't have room to mention the bar (which is a fantastic setting) and its offerings!

For our starter...we opted for a sampling of the Formaggi, Salumi and Olives ... holy can you say "meal in itself?"... except there is so much more to try (I warn you - you'll leave there very full, but oh-so-satisfied!). 

The board it comes on is huge...and there are piles of salumi (we got the Bresacola, Coppa and Dave's favorite, the Mortadella) and enough cheese to put me right into my "i love life Happy Place"... Burrata (we all know how much I love that...a love I was introduced to at Vero!), an amazing Gorgonzola, of course a Parmigiano Reggiano...the assortment of cheeses offered on the menu is simply wonderful.  The board is served with a home made Giardiniera, a jam (ours was carrot!) as well as a grape and mint salad.  Each and everything was a perfect accompaniment to the Salumi and Cheeses.  Just wait til I have pictures, folks!!

After that delicious, pungent, creamy, meaty start - we opted for a few hot dishes to try.  Of course the Polenta Fries with Roasted Tomato Pesto... I simply can not go to Vero with out ordering these! Crispy, light, buttery, creamy...this hit all the notes and then when you add the pesto, a touch of sweet... a must have!

Our pasta dishes were:
The Garganelli with the duck ragu ... pasta cooked to perfection and a sauce that is rich, delicious and tender all on a plate.  I'm very new to eating duck - and often times will shy away - but not with this dish!

Gnocchi with the ragu of the night ... pork and mushroom i think... I was too busy shoveling it in my face to pay attention!  These little pillows of clouds simply melt in your mouth and leave you with a beautiful, chunky, meaty ragu that is just so flavorful.  We (thankfully!) had enough left over so I could eat it again for breakfast this morning!! What a treat!

Arm twisted for dessert, with lovely little - and surprisingly light - donuts in a trio of sauces (raspberry, chocolate and the carrot jam - which so worked with this!)... but my favorite of the night was the chocolate Ganache and Pistachio mousse.  I mean, my favorite word in the world after wine and cheese is Ganache...this was a mix of luxury and lightness, sweet and salty that was just the perfect way to end a meal!

Compliments to Chef Massimo and all of the staff for a delicious meal and great service....And a very heartfelt thanks to Michael and Kristy for a really fantastic evening...and a very loud Congratulations in the re-opening of Vero!

Friends...I suggest you make your reservations at Open Table as soon as possible!!  See you there!

(By the way ... who's coming back with me and when??  Can you imagine how long the review will be with pictures and oh so many more dishes to try?!?!?)

Until Next Time...

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