Thursday, January 17, 2013

I’m a blog Slacker…

I'm a blog Slacker...Yes, I'm a blog Slacker...
(In the radio in my head, I’m singing this to myself to the tune of the “wheel watcher” commercial… Yes I am that odd!)

Friends, I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking on my blog these past weeks.  The holidays were nuts, then as the New Year rang in, so did the flu and bronchitis (lucky me!) so I haven’t been feeling like my self for a few weeks.  I’m finally starting to feel well and up to going out to eat, and cooking!  Woo Hoo!

So my lame, sick excuses aside… Hello Blog World – and Happy New Year!  I am hoping for lots of happy times, great food, wonderful friends and healthy days for 2013!

When I last left you…I had grand plans for cooking.  Well, the only real cooking I did was for the Dulik mini reunion on Dec 22…and honestly – Dave did most of the cooking!  We (he) made braised short rib and meatballs (I made the meatballs) tomato sauce that was so delicious!!  The sauce simmered for 4 hours and had such a rich, delicious flavor…I will post that recipe soon.  That night, all I had to do was cook the pasta and it was my first time cooking 5 pounds of pasta!  But with 18 people eating … it’s exactly what we needed (with enough for leftovers).  The rest of the family provided pre dinner munchies, salad and garlic bread, dessert and wine…sorry to say my youngest sister and brother couldn’t be there…and while they were missed – we had a fantastic time.  That dinner finally put me in the Christmas spirit…but how can it not with these lovely Kids...

and (not so) little Ladies!!

I did make it out to brunch in early January…Vero has opened for Sunday Brunch…friends – this is a must go!  You all know I love the food at Vero (and so did Newsday with their 3 ½ star review!) and one of my favorite meals (other than dinner, lunch, appetizers, dessert, elevensies, afternoon tea…you get my drift) is Brunch. Check out their menu at  We had pancakes with bananas foster compote, the frittata, an omelet with caramelized red onions, goat cheese and spinach, the Lobster BLT, and an amazing salad.  We left completely stuffed and excited to go back!

Ok kids, I’m keeping it simple, my first post back and all… ;) – but keep watch on the blog as I’m going out with friends tomorrow, but not sure what I’ll have to report on…but on Sunday – its Thai with Dave, my sister and niece and my Mom…I’ll have plenty to say about that!!
Until Next Time…

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